Judy believes that the most important aspect of the customer insight work is developing empathy for your customers. You need to put yourself in their shoes – both literally and figuratively. Shop where they shop – observe their frustrations. Talk with them about their frustrations. Try to understand why they are frustrated and what trade-offs they are forced to make.

Summarize your observations using the voice of the customer: I wish I could (do, get, or have something), but I can’t because (something prevents me …what?), so instead I (do/use something else or do nothing and remain unsatisfied). Using this simple mantra helps us to get to the essence of the frustration or trade-offs our customers are facing.

Judy Shalom
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Judy Shalom
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About Judy

Judy is an entrepreneur, digital marketer, lecturer and author and CEO of Advedro. A journalist who relapsed into the studies of AI, behavioral science, leadership, communication and psychology.

She has her own professional experience from the digital industry including but not limited to fintech, adtech, martech and the gaming industry.

Judy holds a degree in MPhil from Stockholm University and she has been nominated for Business Woman of the Year multiple times. Judy is a strong modern business woman of shared learning, transparent communication and visionary leadership.

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