No One is Going to Hand You Success. YOU Need to Step Up Your Game. – Judy Shalom
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Judy’s Story

Judy works with both small start up companies and Fortune 500 companies to help them grow sales by finding overlooked opportunities and customizing the sales process to be more effective, while at the same time helping them define their brand and market it in such a way to build a community around the brand. Judy has worked with hundreds of satisfied companies. She owns and operates three highly profitable companies one of them being and she’s also a frequent writer, author, international speaker & considered one of the top marketing and sales experts.

I urge all my followers, friends and clients to make success their absolute duty and understand that if they will succeed it is their responsibility and it is all coming from having the right mindset. In order to achieve any sort of success, a person needs to rise above any sort of limitations. It is true that successful people work harder than others – but above all they do work smarter.

No One is Going to Hand You Success. YOU Need to Step Up Your Game

Success is very much about using the right strategy when planning your work day and your life prioritize what is most important, say no to the time thieves – and constantly keep reminding yourself to stay present and live in the moment. Most people dream of being successful in one way or another – but for many of us, time and energy simply do not seem to be enough. Many see others perform at the top and feel unsuccessful – how do they really manage everything, many keep asking themselves? As I have previously said during many of my training sessions, some people become successful because they have a mentality and a behavioral pattern that “ordinary” people unfortunately lack. However, this doesn’t mean that all successful high achievers out there are superhumans who never get tired or stressed. On the contrary – they use (consciously or subconsciously) strategies to avoid stress and fatigue. 

Once a person knows what their priorities and goals are in their career and in life, they need to hold themselves accountable for truly achieving those goals. Take responsibility for your dreams and start acting in order to achieve them. 

Marketing or Sales or both?

During one of my speeches at ASW, this spontaneous question arose: What is most important – marketing or sales? Of course, there are lots of perspectives on the question of marketing and sales and what is most important but I usually say that it depends. When the company is small, it often becomes natural to organize around the process “from contact to actual business” and it becomes natural to collaborate in it. The entrepreneur is involved in all aspects and the focus is on making money (regardless of what the activities that are being done are called). In a start-up, a person has to make sure to make money -NOW- and that is going to be the most important thing. However, as the company grows, the need arises to divide the organization into departments with managers, so that the management can control based on budget and results of their departments. So there is a conceptual confusion that complicates the question of whether marketing or sales is most important. Is it marketing that gives business or should it be called sales? Some people think of the groups, that is, the sales department and the marketing department. Then you often fight over whether short or long term is most important. My perspective is that marketing and sales needs to be seen as a process across all the departments. Only in that way it becomes clear that the departments need to cooperate and alternate in order to market their products better, increase sales while ensuring the right onboarding process is applied. 

Listening is the key

Empathy is about understanding people on a higher level

Listening to your customers is super important. Find out what’s important to your customers and make sure that you will engage in that dialogue online. I don’t mean in any way that salespeople are not important, on the contrary, functioning sales is a must in all businesses. The difference is how to adapt the business so that sales and marketing start to work together. In many cases, the sellers will enter later in the dialogue with the customer, when he is already “warmed up”. Then it is more and more about the seller acting as a specialist and helping the customer to make the right choice and purchase.

Ultimately, my goal is to bring you and your company smart digital marketing to support and optimize the entire sales cycle so that the company’s salespeople can spend more time on qualified leads than wasting time and energy trying to identify and warm up potential customers. The latter is a process that is becoming more and more difficult to do with conventional sales methods.

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